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Whether you are in complete health or experiencing symptoms, chiropractic combined with Applied Kinesiology is an amazing alternative to traditional health care.

Even if your symptom is back pain, allergies, PMS, or ANY other physical problem, you may not only be out of balance structurally, but chemically and/or emotionally as well. At my office, we provide a healing environment and use a combination of therapies to help people return to a healthy balanced state, so your symptoms will subside, and you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Western and other therapies often treat just the symptoms. However, by using applied kinesiology, I utilize the feedback your body gives to ascertain the root cause, and determine the best treatment option for you.

Once the root cause is determined, I would begin with chiropracticadjustments to properly align your structure, relieving pain and allowing muscles, nerves, and energy to move freely. Then, we would determine if nutritional supplementation is necessary, and tailor a regimen to support you in balancing your individual chemistry. Finally, we can assess if anything in your diet, exercise routine, or habits might be causing you to be out of balance.

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Dr. Eva Whitmore
Oakland Chiropractor | Balance Chiropractic Health Center | (510) 450-0701

123 Bay Place, Suite 3
Oakland, CA 94610

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